UV printing

What is UV printing?

UV printing means in brief Ultraviolet (UV) printing uses a different type of ink than conventional print methods to use large variety of rigid material Instead of liquid ink printing. Generally, UV printing uses a dual-state substance which stays in liquid and it will cure as soon as light UV light passing over it. Gulf printing press having latest and advanced quality of Eco-friendly UV ink which meets Photographic quality with skin tone colors for various types of material that used for many purposes in UAE.
Gulf printing press has state of the art quality UV machinery flatbed and small machinery which we don’t just believe in offering you the state-of-the-art technological UV printing solutions but we firmly stand with doing it the most efficiently and possible produce high quality output. Our flat-bed UV printer provides highly personalized rigid material, hi-precision and eco-friendly printing on a variety of substrates by using our large flatbed UV machinery such as:

  • PVC and plastic material can be printed
  • Metal, steel, aluminium sheets etc…
  • Rigid material like acrylic
  • Up to 10 cm thickness and 240 cm width x 120 cm height printing area
  • Leather sheets multi colors printing
  • White ink + cmyk colors can be printed
  • Glass and wood printing

Our Flat-bed UV printing machinery in Sharjah and Dubai has the capability to print on substrates of up to 5cm and 10 cm thickness while providing near photographic image quality and skin tone latest print result. Gulf printing company is one of the top leading companies for UV printing in Dubai, Sharjah, we provide complete UV printing solutions for retail displays, signage, banners and posters, wood décor, acrylic plaques, glass and metal panels and many more for advertising, marketing, decoration and industrial purposes. :

We are capable to do UV printing also

  • Carpet
  • Partition glass full sheets
  • Cladding sheets
  • Gift and promotional items
  • Canvas
  • Photo frame and sheets
  • Roll to roll UV printing facility
  • 1150mm x 750mm Bed Size
  • 1137mm x 750mm Print Area
  • UV printing speed in 8 pass 300 to 500 Sqf/hour
  • 650mm x 450mm Bed Size UV
  • 604mm x 450mm Print Area
  • UV printing speed 100 Sqf/hour

Our flatbed and small bed UV printing service would offer high-quality, versatile printing onto irregular shaped rigid material, wood cutting and various die cutting items, round and oval shaped gift and promotional items and other objects can be printed. Here at gulf printing press in Dubai, we are passionate about enabling our customers to add their personal touch to their valued items printing based on their requirements so What really allows the ideas to flow is the tremendous amount of applications that can be done here using our latest and advanced printing technology that:

  • Bottle, Cylindrical items
  • Round Objects multi colours printing
  • Acrylic, Awards printing
  • Trophies Printing with white and clear
  • Golf Ball &Ball Printing with logo and name
  • Mobile Phone, Tablet printing cmyk + white
  • Laptop Cases Printing with photo quality
  • Custom Gift Box &Packaging Prototype Printing, canvas frame etc..
  • Promotional items single to multi colours print
  • Corporate gift items and give away printing
  • All types marketing material and interior design printing

UV printing machinery is a latest print method which came in the market is in the early 2010 and has many more Featuring to host of exclusive ink options which eco-friendly and long lasting. Gulf printing press provide quickly and effective UV print onto a wide variety of promotional products and media substrates such as wood, Wax, Paper, Acrylic, Polypropylene, P.E.T, Leather, Styrofoam with sustainable and reliable services in UAE. Our well trained and qualified production team has decades of years in the area of UV printing services.

  • Acrylic Printing with emboss feeling
  • Carpet Printing multi colours image
  • Laminates Printing with cmyk
  • Leather Printing white + cmyk double impression
  • Marble Printing
  • Textured Printing
  • Wood & Tile Printing
  • Foam Printing

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