Heat Transfer printing

What is heat transfer printing and is it effect and successful method of printing process in Dubai?

Heat transfer printing is quite latest and advanced technology in the print industry to offer high quality printing with clothing, ribbon, lanyard and many other gift items surfaces. Heat transfer printing or pressing also known as thermal transfer printing which means thermal-transfer printing and thermal-wax transfer printing is the method of printing which totally allows you to print a design, images or multi colors graphics onto a piece of clothing roll, satin lanyard or many types of gift and promotional items. Gulf printing factory having complete range of heat press production set up where we offer all types of heat transfer printing services at low-price, high-quality printing and fast turnaround. Heat press or transfer print uses the process of heat pressing and transfer multi coloured photo or graphics in wax or ink print and cut in to an object or garment clothing.

Heat transfer printing widely used for many business industries such as:

  • Clothing industry
  • Garments factory
  • T shirts, jersy, hoody and cap manufacturing factory and suppliers
  • Advertising and marketing agency
  • Embroidery and tailoring shops
  • Print shops and press

What types of Materials Used in Heat Transfer Printing in UAE?

Gulf printing press UAE which is having couple of decades of printing and packaging industrial experience in the emirates where we use superior quality of heat transfer material, high quality genuine ink too. Heat transfer material also called wax-based inks ribbon and sheets or paper.

What are the Benefits of Heat Transfer Printing?

Almost all printing methods are having different advantages and different purpose which based on customer requirements. Heat transfer printing is widely used in UAE to full fill all types advertising and marketing promotional requirements where we get long lasting, durable, and affordable printing process with multi colors photo or images.

What is the basic Process of Heat Transfer Printing?

Heat transfer printing basically comes with not direct print but it is printed with a sheet or paper and then transferred to an object or material with gas pressure. All heat transfer printing depends on your requirements firstly need to make proper graphic design lay with reverse print technique and feed into transfer machinery with roll to roll or flatbed machinery sheet.

  • Get ready your image or graphic design in victory file format
  • Then send the design into ripping in printing machinery
  • Load appropriate paper or pvc sheets to printing machinery based on printing requirements and start print and get it dried
  • Transfer sheets should be placed on the part of the garment or object where you want to place
  • Set the heat temperature and air pressure based on • Can be used semi and automatic transfer machinery so open once complete certain time that you fixed with your machine digital meter
  • Remove the paper or sheets on tope and pull out your t shirts or garments where nicely transferred images

What type of ink used for transfer printing?

Gulf printing and heat transfer factory used superior quality of water-based heat press transfer printing Ink – there are a few different types of inks used in heat transfer printing to achieve different finishes based on requirements and nature of objects. Eco solvent digital transfer ink is the most commonly used because it is affordable and print head safe too. Dye Pigment ink, UV ink also been used for heat transfer print industry.

Is it regular digital printer for heat transfer printing?

Of course not, almost any normal inkjet printer can work but print head should be supported with heat transfer printing process. We use separate heat transfer printing large format printing machinery, sublimation printer to get much quality results from a printer with higher resolution and superior color capability and super ripping software.

Heat transfer better than silk screen printing?

Yes, comparing silk screen and Heat transfers and which provide better resolution than screen prints, cmyk colour process, direct print from machine to sheet and then goes to transfer ultimately heat transfer is modern technology to print garments, t shirts and other material which less cost-efficient for larger quantities and high-quality production.

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